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Only Marlborough

The Marlborough Story

Only Marlborough Logo.

Regional Branding Story

Marlborough is a region known for its generosity of people, the endless sunshine, and the exotic and varied nature of its landscape. Stretching from D’Urville Island in the north to Wharanui in the south, and taking in the beautiful Marlborough Sounds, the Marlborough region is home to about 20 percent of New Zealand’s total coastline. Our district is unique, not for any singular reason but for many. This region is full of colour, complexity and diversity – making this part of New Zealand truly special.

Only Marlborough has the environment that can produce our distinct style of premium sauvignon blanc, celebrated the world over. The soils, the climate and our winemakers’ vision are what make our award-winning wines impossible to imitate. From our first inhabitants to the early settlers to now, Only Marlborough attracts the brave and the innovative. It attracts the kind of curious yet genuine people who realise the potential abundance this region offers, and those generous enough to share it.

The Marlborough Story provides local people and businesses with a consistency of approach and meaning in telling our story and highlighting the strengths of Only Marlborough while promoting its products and services on the national and international stages.

Regional Branding

This regional identity, with its logo and branding, is provided freely to all Marlborough businesses, organisations, and others as a framework that encourages a collective, cohesive and consistent way of talking about ourselves and our region. By working together to tell the Only Marlborough Story, a stronger unified voice for Marlborough has been created to attract the curious, connected and generous to live, visit, work, and do business here.

Our values are at the heart of The Marlborough Story®. They express our identity, our way of life and our pride in our region and people.

  • Abundant/Generous
  • Curious
  • Connected
  • Genuine
  • Up for it

Championed by the pillar organisations of Marlborough, the project has been led by the region’s community and business sectors.

People from across the business and community worked collaboratively to define Marlborough and the values that are important to the people who choose to live here.

This project emerged from the Marlborough District Council’s Smart and Connected economic development strategy. The New Zealand Story, a national marketing initiative launched by central government with the support of other private and public sector organisations. A range of images, video and other materials emphasize the story of "open spaces, open hearts, and open minds" to be used by Marlborough businesses and exporting enterprises.

Only Marlborough helps develop a consistent and authentic message about the people and the region that can be used to communicate our distinct and unique attributes.

How to access the imagery, logo and resources (free of charge)

To access the information and resources of Only Marlborough, register on the website – this provides guidance and marketing materials to support the use of the Only Marlborough identity. The lens logo, imagery, and other material is provided free of charge.

The Marlborough Story is supported by the Marlborough District Council, the Marlborough Chamber of Commerce and Destination Marlborough with input from the Marlborough Research Centre and Wine Marlborough.

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