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2016-17 Annual Plan Consultation Document

2016-17 Annual Plan

This page provides information about the  2016-17 Annual Plan (AP), Council's key strategic planning document, which is developed in consultation with the community.

Council adopted the 2016-17 Annual Plan Consultation Document on 7 April 2016. The final 2016-17 Annual Plan will be adopted on 30 June 2016.

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The submission period closed at 5.00 pm on Monday 9 May 2016.

Privacy: Submissions are public. Your name and submission will be included in papers that are available to the media and the public. Your submission will only be used for the purpose of making a decision on the proposal.

Consultation Document

The Consultation Document focuses on the key issues the Council wants to discuss with residents. The Consultation Document is available online, and from libraries and Council service centres, as well as other outlets across the District. The supporting documents and further information are available online. Supporting the Consultation Document are the Activity Management Plans for all of the Council’s activities.


Submitters who indicated that they wished to speak will present their submissions to Council between 7-9 June. Council staff will contact those submitters to notify them of their time slot.

Decisions and adoption of the Annual Plan

Councillors will make decisions on submissions at the Council meeting being held on 13 June. Please note, submitters and other members of the public are welcome to attend this meeting but will not have the opportunity to speak. The Annual Plan 2016-17 will be adopted at the Council meeting on 30 June 2016.

Read the Document Online 

Click on the link to see a flipbook version of this document. 2016-17 Annual Plan Consultation Document

View the Document as a PDF

PDF Document. 2016-17 Annual Plan Consultation Document (1.92 Mb)

Supporting Information and Further Information

2016-17 Annual Plan Consultation Animated Summary


2016-17 Annual Plan Consultation Animated Summary - Sharing the cost of good quality drinking water


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