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2016-17 Annual Plan

The 2016-17 Annual Plan includes:

  • Highlights of major areas of expenditure.
  • The activities Council is to undertake in the 2016-17 year, levels of service to be provided and the measurement thereof.
  • Council’s programme of asset renewal and improvement.
  • The budgeted cost of undertaking the activities and related asset renewals and improvements.
  • The means of financing the cost of those activities and assets, including rates, fees, charges and debt. 

Read the document online

Click on the link to see a flipbook version of this document.  2016-17 Annual Plan

Download the whole document

PDF Document.2016-17 Annual Plan (5.5 Mb)

Download Individual Sections


PDF Document. Part 1: Executive Summary (1.0 Mb)

  • Mayor's Introduction
  • Elected Council Members
  • Purpose of this Plan
  • Consultation
  • Financial Overview
  • Annual Plan Disclosure Statement for the Period Commencing on 1 July 2016 
  • LTP Consultation Amendments
  • Audit Opinion

PDF Document. Part 2: Our Business (78 Kb)

  •  Activity Groups and Activities

PDF Document. Council Activities (267 Kb) 

  • Activity Group: People
  • Activity Group: Community Facilities
  • Activity Group: Roads and Footpaths

PDF Document. Council Activities Cnt'd (326 Kb) 

  • Activity Group: Flood Protection and Control works
  • Activity Group: Sewerage Including Treatment and Disposal
  • Activity Group: Stormwater Drainage
  • Activity Group: Water Supply
  • Activity Group: Solid Waste Management

PDF Document. Council Activities Cnt'd (243 Kb) 

  • Activity Group: Environmental Management

PDF Document. Council Activities Cnt'd (340 Kb) 

  • Activity Group: Regulatory
  • Activity Group: Regional Development

PDF Document. Part 3: Financial Information (567 Kb) 

  • Statement of Comprehensive Revenue and Expense 
  • Statement of Other Comprehensive Revenue and Expense
  • Statement of Changes in Net Assets/Equity
  • Statement of Financial Position
  • Statement of Cash Flows
  • Statement of Accounting Policies
  • Assumptions, Disclosures and Compliance
  • Notes to the Financial Statements

PDF Document. Part 4: Funding Impact Statement and Rates (2.8 Mb) 

  • Funding Impact Statement
  • Rate Movements 2016-17
  • Indicative Impact on Benchmark Properties

PDF Document. Appendices (390 Kb)

  • Council Committees and Members
  • Ward Boundaries
  • Council Staff Structure
  • MDC Directory
  • Glossary of Terms

Rate Funding Allocations Summary 2016-2017

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