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Marlborough District Council Outdoor Sports Facilities Plan

Draft Outdoor Sports Facility Plan.The Outdoor Sports Facilities Plan is the Council’s working plan for the long-term future development of sports facilities across the region. The plan has been drawn up after hearing submissions from across the district’s sports codes.

The plan looks at the possible future use of existing parks and possible developments for the future. The document sets out the way the Council is currently thinking and sports organisations and administrators may be interested in examining the proposals. 

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Marlborough District Council Outdoor Sports Facilities Plan Update October 2013

The following newsletter provides an update on the Marlborough District Council Outdoor Sports Facilities Plan since it was adopted by Council 18 months ago.  The newsletter includes advancements made towards an Equestrian Park at the Bothams Bend site, a concept plan for the current Lansdowne Park and the development of an additional area to the north plus the beginning of an indoor sports facilities plan.

 Marlborough District Council Outdoor Sports Facilities Plan Update Newsletter PDF Document (1.1 Mb)

PDF Document. 

Marlborough District Council Outdoor Sports Facilities Plan and Addendum (697 Kb)

Pages 1-66 (1.9 Mb)
Pages 67-76 (2 Mb)
Pages 77-87 (1.9 Mb)
Pages 88-95 (386 Kb)
Hearing Deliberation Report (918 Kb) 

Minutes of Assets and Services Committe meeting 24 November 2011 - item P.11/12.198 Sports Facilities Plan - Hearing Deliberation Report (page 5)

The Botham's Bend feasibility report was the first recommendation from the outdoor sports facilities hearing deliberation.  The document is a joint collaboration between the Marlborough Equestrian Park Steering Group and Council staff.  The report covers the basic infrastructure and access requirements to establish an equestrian park at Botham's Bend.

PDF Document. Botham's Bend Feasibility Report (2.5 Kb)

Lansdowne Park Development

The second recommendation from the hearing was to upgrade the quantity and quality of the facilities at Lansdowne Park and to evaluate the viability of accommodating a wider range of codes. Two feasibility studies have been undertaken to evaluate the possibility for the development of Lansdowne Park.

Lansdowne A

This report looked at the feasibility of developing the area to the north of the stop bank including the inclusion of a dedicated softball facility. The report found that extending the sports fields into this area will offer increased capacity to existing users at Lansdowne Park, accommodate a new code at Lansdowne Park and mitigate the issue of the clash of codes and maintenance regimes at A & P Park. The field development of this area was prioritised for funding by Council for 2013-14.

PDF Document. Lansdowne Park Extension Feasibility Report Final (122 Kb)

Lansdowne B

This report and concept plan is the result of consultation with Rugby, Netball, Touch, Beach Volleyball, Softball, Cricket and Athletics. These sports codes have provided input in the development of a concept plan for the development of Lansdowne Park. This plan provides a concept which has been agreed by the sports codes and can be used for more detailed planning.

PDF Document. Lansdowne Park User Group Consultation Report Final (248 Kb)

PDF Document. Lansdowne Park Redevelopment Summer Layout (3.73 Mb)

PDF Document. Lansdowne Park Redevelopment Winter Layout (3.71 Mb)

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