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Groundwater Levels

The Marlborough District Council monitors the state of the region's aquifers based on water levels in its network of 30 wells spread across the district.

To check out the relative state of the aquifer you are interested in, select a black point on the map, or a site from the lists below. These are linked to graphs that show the variation in groundwater level at the Council monitoring site, over what we call a "water year" from July to July. The blue line represents the level since last July in metres above mean sea-level. The grey line shows what happened a year ago.

The different coloured shading indicates how the current level compares with historic levels. For example, the lower green zone shows the lowest 20% of values observed and when the blue worm is in this region, levels are relatively low. The light green line running through the centre of plot is the average.

Conversely, when levels lie in the upper green zone, the aquifer is full and well levels in the area it represents are likely to be high.

The middle yellow zone containing the remaining 60% of observations is where the level will sit most of the time and is termed normal.

The shape of each plot at each monitoring site varies depending on local factors such as pumping and the recharge mechanism. Most sites peak in winter or spring, and reach their lowest level in late summer.

Some sites have a long period of record and we can be more confident about the relative status of aquifer levels because they include extreme values. The date records started from is given for each site. The earlier records start the more representative the plot, because it includes extremes such as droughts.

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Wairau Plain and Rarangi

Southern Valleys


Spring Creek Flow at Motor Camp. Wairau Aquifer Recharge Sector at Conders - Well 3821/398. Omaka Aquifer deep layer at Hawkesbury Road Vineyard - Well 2917. Omaka Aquifer medium depth layer at Hawkesbury Vineyard - Well 1873. Omaka River Aquifer shallow layer at Timara Wines - Well 3069. Fairhall River Gravels Aquifer at Bints Ford - Well 3147 Brancott Aquifer medium depth layer at Pernod Ricard Vineyard - Well 1323. Brancott Aquifer deep layer at Boulevard - Well 3333. Omaka River Aquifer deep layer at Godfrey Road - Well 10231/1000. Woodbourne Sector at Jacksons Road - Well 3010. Benmorven Aquifer deep layer at Morrison - Well 3291. Benmorven Aquifer medium depth layer at Morven Lane - Well 2022 Taylor Aquifer deep layer at Wairau Hospital - Well 980. Taylor Fan Aquifer at Athletic Park - Well 949. Doctors Creek flow upstream of Taylor Confluence. Fulton Creek flow at Pollard Park. Wairau Aquifer Recharge Sector at Wratts Road - Well 3009. Riverlands Aquifer at Huia Vineyard - Well 4402. Lagoons Transition Sector at Lagoon - Well 708. Wairau Aquifer Coastal Sector at Bar - Well 1733. Pipitea Wetland at Rarangi Shallow Aquifer - Well 4331. Rarangi Shallow Aquifer at Millenium Rock - Well 4332. Rarangi Shallow Aquifer at Blue Gums - Well 3711. Rarangi Shallow Aquifer at Hinepango Drive - Well 3668 Wairau Aquifer Coastal Sector at Hinepango Drive - Well 3667 Rarangi Shallow Aquifer at Golf Club - Well 10230/1901. Rarangi Shallow Aquifer at Northern Sentinel - Well 4349. Wairau Aquifer Springs Sector at Murphys Road - Well 3954. Needles Creek Gravels Aquifer at SH1/Ward - Well 169. Rarangi Shallow Aquifer at Golf Club Driving Range - Well 10195. Wairau Valley Aquifer at Mill Road - Well 220. Waikakaho River Gravels Aquifer at MDC - Well 10109. Wairau Aquifer Springs Sector at Selmes Road - Well 4577. Wairau Aquifer Springs Sector at Mills and Ford Road - Well 4404. Rarangi Shallow Aquifer at Western Clervaux - Well 4404

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