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The Marlborough District Council provides Marlborough's urban areas and main townships with the essential utility services of sewerage reticulation and treatment, water supply and stormwater disposal.

The levels of service provided depend on the size of the urban population and the cost of servicing the particular area.

Generally, standards are being improved throughout the district as urban growth continues. This creates funding challenges. For example, the council recently worked with the Grovetown community on the development of a reticulated sewerage system. The significant rating impact of this must be weighed against the environmental, health and development benefits that sewage treatment will create.

As well as meeting the challenges that growth is bringing, the council must also address the increasing public expectations over environmental standards. Society is much more aware of environmental matters and the council has a major role in ensuring its utility services have a positive environmental and health impact.


Council currently operates one irrigation scheme, the Southern Valleys' Irrigation Scheme. For more information on irrigation see the Irrigation Section.

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