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Proposed Amendments to Council's Charging Policy Resource Management Act

02 March 2017

This is a proposal by the Marlborough District Council to make changes to the Charging Policy for charges associated with the Resource Management Act 1991.

Amendments to the Schedule will be adopted following a consultative process as set out in the special consultative procedures of Section 83 of the Local Government Act 2002. When using the procedures, the Local Government Act requires, under Section 89, that a summary of the information contained in the statement proposal be prepared by the local authority and distributed widely for public consideration and submissions.


Submissions can be made using the online submission form, or by writing to the address or email address given below.

Go to online submission form

Alternatively, complete and return the PDF version of the submission form below.

PDF Document.Printable submission form (2 Mb)

Submissions made in writing are to be sent to: Submissions on RMA Charging Policy, Marlborough District Council, PO Box 443, Blenheim 7240, or by email to Please indicate if you wish to speak to your submission.

A hearing of submissions will be held in the week of 24 April 2017. Any queries should be directed to Anna Eatherley on phone 03 520 7400.

Submissions close on Friday 14 April 2017.

Summary of Statement of Proposal

  • A review of the existing policy document entitled “Marlborough District Council Charging Policy - Resource Management Act, Version 8.1, March 2010” and the associated Fee Schedule has been carried out in respect of the structure of charges and the amount of charges for activities undertaken under the Resource Management Act 1991.
  • The Charging Policy is based on cost recovery. The emphasis is on the beneficiary pays principle and therefore those who benefit from the use of natural and physical resources in the region are expected to pay all costs associated with that use.
  • Fixed fees come under the matters in Section 36(1) of the Resource management Act 1991. The intent of the fixed fee provision is to enable the cost recovery of day to day operations without undue process. The existing lodgement fees have been adjusted by less than 2%. The recovery of additional costs is required to be in accordance with Section 36(3) of the Resource Management Act 1991 and would rely on the Charging Policy and the particular circumstances of an application.
  • The Resource Consent Group’s budget provision for 2016/2017 is $2,524,000 and the expectation is that 60% of total expenditure, i.e. $1,514,000, will be recovered from applicants through resource consent fees. This could be achieved with an hourly charge out rate of $150.00 inclusive of GST for all planning staff processing applications and a less than 2% increase in both flat and base charges. The remaining 40% required to undertake the Group’s other functions is funded by rates, as contained in the Long Term Plan.
  • These functions include the management of objections and appeals, the provision of information and supplying data to the public and central government. It is considered that this fee review strictly adheres to the criteria in Section 36(4) of the Resource Management Act 1991. Specifically, the fixed charges, fixed initial deposit charges and additional charges for processing applications for resource consent have the sole purpose of recovering the reasonable costs incurred by Council in respect of this activity. Furthermore, the particular person or persons required to pay the charges are those that benefit from Council’s actions in regard to the processing and issuance of a resource consent. The review is based on the actual costs of processing applications for resource consent. The proposed increase is in alignment with proposed increases at other councils in the Top of the South.

PDF Document.Proposed Fee Schedule (158 Kb)

The full proposal can be seen in the Environment Committee Agenda for 2 February 2017

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