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The following plan changes have been proposed for the Marlborough Sounds Resource Management Plan and have not yet been made operative. The individual details of each proposed plan change is contained in the table below.

For the details of each change click on the title.

No. Plan Change 15 - Oyster Bay, Port Underwood





This was a private plan change application to rezone approximately 26 hectares of land legally described as Lot 6 DP 11879 and a portion of Pt Sec Blk XII Arapawa SD in Oyster Bay, Port Underwood from Rural One to Sounds Residential. The Council declined the request. This decision was confirmed by the Environment Court on appeal.

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No. Private Plan Change 21 - Mooring Management Areas and Marina Zone Extension, Waikawa Bay
Has moved, it can be found here.
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No. Plan Change 23 - Frost Fans



Currently Under Appeal 



The Marlborough District Council is proposing to change the Plan standards and requirements relating to frost fans. The proposed plan change involves the change in status of frost fans from a permitted activity to a controlled activity and includes the introduction of amended noise standards. The new requirements are proposed as a means for Council to proactively manage the adverse noise effects resulting from new frost fans. In order to mange reverse sensitivity effects associated with frost fans, a new rule is also proposed to establish a noise standard applicable to new habitable buildings located in close proximity to existing frost fans.

While, to date, the issues associated with frost fans have been limited with regard to the Wairau/Awatere Resource Management Plan, given there is the potential for similar noise issues to arise within the Marlborough Sounds area, it is proposed that the Marlborough Sounds Resource Management Plan also be amended to ensure consistent environmental management within the District.

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No. Plan Change 24 - New Zealand King Salmon
Status Plan change request lodged with Environmental Protection Authority

On the 3 October 2011 New Zealand King Salmon lodged with the Environmental Protection Authority two private plan change requests to change the Marlborough Sounds Resource Management Plan. The New Zealand King Salmon proposal comprised the following requests: A plan change request (the "Main" plan change request titled "Sustainably Growing King Salmon") to create a new salmon farming zone (Coastal Marine Zone 3) in eight (8) specific areas in the MSRMP; and A plan change request (the "Ancillary" plan change request) addressing the plan provisions relating to the allocation of the right to apply for coastal permits for marine farming in the MSRMP. This was accompanied by nine (9) resource consent applications for salmon farms in the Marlborough Sounds. New Zealand King Salmon stated that the purpose of the proposal is to enable New Zealand King Salmon to secure new water space for marine farming to meet demand for its product, King Salmon. The Minister of Conservation has referred the proposal to a Board of Inquiry for determination. Information on the proposal and the Board of Inquiry process can be found on the Environmental Protection Authority website.

Council Submission

The Marlborough District Council has lodged its submission to the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) in the case of New Zealand King Salmon’s application for plan changes to allow salmon farming in areas currently prohibited by the Marlborough Sounds Resource Management Plan.

The Council’s submission identifies two key issues with the proposal: the precedent-setting impact of granting this application and the effect that it would have on the existing provisions of the Marlborough Sounds Resource Management Plan managing marine farming.

Council Environment Committee chairman Peter Jerram says the Council is not opposed to salmon farming but it has areas specifically zoned for this type of marine farming and King Salmon is seeking approval to establish farms outside those areas.

He says the Council is opposing the King Salmon application because it would set a precedent for other applicants seeking private plan changes in the Sounds which would lead to an undesirable ad hoc approach to planning.

He also says Council has concerns that the proposed plan changes would provide solely for the interests of New Zealand King Salmon without also giving full consideration to the broader format and workability of the Marlborough Sounds Resource Management Plan.

PDF DocumentMarlborough District Council Submission (641 Kb)

No. Plan Change 26 - Minor Amendments

Decision Notified 17/10/13

PDF DocumentPublic Notice (34 Kb)
PDF DocumentDecision (214 Kb)
PDF DocumentSection 42A Report (170 Kb)
PDF DocumentFurther Submissions (1.2 Mb)
PDF DocumentSummary of Submissions by Section (47 Kb)
PDF DocumentSummary of Submissions by Submitter (51 Kb)
PDF DocumentFurther Submission Form (29 Kb)
PDF DocumentPublic Notice - Summary of Submissions (36 Kb)
PDF DocumentSubmissions Part 1 of 4 (2.4 Mb)
PDF DocumentSubmissions Part 2 of 4 (2.3 Mb)
PDF DocumentSubmissions Part 3 of 4 (1.9 Mb)
PDF DocumentSubmissions Part 4 of 4 (1.4 Mb)
PDF DocumentSubmission Form (1.8 Mb)
PDF DocumentPublic Notice (53 Kb)
PDF DocumentSection 32 Report (130 Kb)


The purpose of the Plan Change is to make a number of minor amendments and alterations to the provisions of the Plan to: 

  • Remove redundant provisions;
  • Provide greater clarity of the existing provisions to improve implementation  

The items subject to this plan change are identified below: 

  • Definition of ‘Family Flat’
  • Setbacks from water bodies
  • Clarify that utility provisions apply to “requiring authorities’
  • Subdivision Chapter
    • Remove references to compliance with Assessment Matters from the rule relating to controlled and discretionary subdivision activities
    • Clarify that building platforms must be free from easements and yard setbacks
    • Access Standards – Restricted Discretionary Activity
    • Access Standards – Local Government Act
    • Cross-Lease or Unit Plan Subdivisions
  • Deletion of the permitted marine farming activity rules
  • Definition of ‘Wineries’
  • Amend the definition of ‘Home Occupation’ to reflect the intention that it can only be undertaken by a member of the household, plus one additional person.
  • Include drainage channels in the rules requiring discharge setbacks from water bodies
  • Remove references to a ‘Hazards’ Register  

Introduction of rules to enable Garden Maintenance.

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No. Plan Change 27 - New Dairy Farms

Decision notified 05/12/13

PDF DocumentPublic Notice of Decision (34 Kb)
PDF DocumentDecision (1.6 Mb)
PDF DocumentSection 42A Report (213 Kb)
PDF DocumentSubmissions (3.1 Mb)
PDF DocumentFurther Submission form (2.0 Mb)
PDF DocumentPublic Notice - Summary of Submissions (36 Kb)
PDF DocumentSummary of Submissions (65 Kb)
PDF DocumentSubmission form (1.8 Mb)
PDF DocumentPublic Notice (43 Kb)
PDF DocumentSection 32 Report (1.4 Mb)

New Dairy Plan Changes Information Sheet (255 Kb)

New Dairy Plan Changes Information Sheet Printable Version (255 Kb)


The purpose of the proposed plan change is to introduce new objectives, policies, definitions and rules to the Marlborough Sounds Resource Management Plan. The new provisions will introduce consenting requirements for the conversion of land to new dairy farms. The consenting requirements will allow for controls to be put in place through the resource consenting process to manage the effects of new dairy farming on water quality.

The proposed changes have effect from the date of notification, pursuant to Section 86B of the Resource Management Act 1991, as the proposed changes are Section 9 (land use) provisions for which the purpose is to protect water quality.

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