Marlborough Land and Water Areas


August Weather Event 2022

Information relating to the recent weather event in Marlborough

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Marlborough Land and Water Areas

Aerial of Marlborough Sounds area.

Total Marlborough district land area

1,049,128 ha

Total Marlborough marine area

(Area between coastline and district boundary.)

725,637.44 ha

Marlborough district coastline

  • Calculated using LINZ Topo50 coastline: 1,893 km

Marlborough Sounds information

Total Marlborough Sounds Resource Management Plan area: 759,297 ha

  • Land area: 252,599 ha
  • Water area: 506,698 ha

Wairau/Awatere Information

Total Wairau/Awatere Resource Management Plan area: 1,015,677 ha

  • Land area: 795,317 ha
  • Water area: 220,360 ha

Vineyard information

Marlborough vineyards - January 2011

Total area: 23,964 ha

  • Wairau Plain vineyard area: 17,082 ha
  • Awatere/south vineyard area: 6,882 ha

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Aerial of Marlborough.