Civil Defence Centres

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Civil Defence Centres

Marlborough Civil Defence Centres (CDCs)

The following facilities are currently identified as Civil Defence Centres.

Each area has a team of volunteers trained to activate these sites if required.

Each centre has a VHF radio, field admin box and a small trained team to activate if they feel the need.

The Blenheim urban area encircled by Renwick, Fairhall, Spring Creek and Riverlands will be administered by the Emergency Operations Centre who will task a Marlborough Emergency Response Team to activate appropriate facilities in non-affected areas. The Emergency Operations Centre will then notify the public via media releases of the locations of these centres.

  1. Okiwi Bay — Fire Station / Community Hall
  2. Rai Valley — School
  3. Canvastown —Te Hora Marae
  4. Havelock — School
  5. Linkwater — Community Hall / Fire Station
  6. Picton — Holy Trinity Church—Nelson Sq
  7. Picton — Queen Charlotte College
  8. Picton — Waikawa Marae
  9. Okaramio Community Hall
  10. Tua Marina School
  11. Rarangi Community Hall / Fire Station
  12. Wairau School / Community Hall
  13. Renwick School / Community Hall
  14. Riverlands School
  15. Seddon School
  16. Ward School / Community Hall