Civil Defence Centres

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Civil Defence Centres

In most emergencies you’re best to stay at home with the support of your neighbours, family and whānau. If you do need to leave for your own safety, think about staying with friends, family or whānau.

In some emergencies we may decide to open a civil defence centre. A civil defence centre is a place where people can go to find out how to get help in an emergency. Centres could be opened at the following places if necessary:

  1. Okiwi Bay - Fire Station / Community Hall
  2. Rai Valley - School
  3. Canvastown - Te Hora Marae
  4. Havelock - School
  5. Linkwater - Community Hall / Fire Station
  6. Picton - Holy Trinity Church—Nelson Sq
  7. Picton - Port Marlborough Pavilion
  8. Picton - Waikawa Marae
  9. Tua Marina School
  10. Rarangi Community Hall / Fire Station
  11. Wairau School / Community Hall
  12. Renwick School / Community Hall
  13. Seddon School
  14. Ward School / Community Hall

There are also several places we can use as civil defence centres in Blenheim. We’ll decide which one to use depending on the circumstances.

Before we can open a centre, we need to check that buildings are safe and that our volunteers are available. So, if we set up a civil defence centre, we’ll let you know by radio and through the Marlborough District Council’s social media, and via the Antenno app.

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Finally – we always need good people to help us, so if you’re interested in being trained as a volunteer, please get in touch with Catherine on 0275 731 996.