Wither Hills open, mountain bike tracks and playgrounds closed


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Wither Hills open, mountain bike tracks and playgrounds closed

  • Date 3:21 PM Friday 3 April 2020
  • Type COVID-19

Following a spate of cooler temperatures and some rain, the upper tracks of the Wither Hills Farm Park have been reopened.

The current national advice is that you should stay home and stay local when you exercise or go for a walk. If you can avoid it, don’t drive to a place of recreation or travel beyond your neighbourhood.

Walking the upper tracks of the Wither Hills and Victoria Domain outside the mountain bike parks is permitted - see the information below. These are open areas with wide trails.

Please always maintain two-metre physical distancing and stay within your ‘bubble’. Where possible, gates have been left open. Please avoid directly touching closed gates - wear gloves or use hand sanitiser before and after opening and closing, and wash your hands thoroughly when you return home. Please take extra care and exercise within your ability.

If people do not obey this COVID-19 hygiene guidance during the Level 4 lockdown period, Council may be forced to close the farm park.

Mountain bike parks - closed

Mountain bike parks in Blenheim’s Wither Hills Farm Park and Picton’s Victoria Domain are closed. This step has been taken to minimise the potential risk of injury to mountain bikers, which could result in emergency callouts or compromise our emergency and health workers.

This measure is consistent with other potentially risky pastimes such as fishing and tramping, which have also been restricted. Signage has been put up advising of these changes.

Public toilets - closed

Most public toilets in Marlborough are closed until the Covid-19 Level 4 lockdown is over. The facilities have been closed because they pose a transmission risk and currently there are no cleaners available to maintain them

The Riverlands truck stop toilets on SH1 are open for truckies. Flushing portaloos with handwashing facilities are being installed in key locations for truckies and essential services.

Playgrounds - closed

All playgrounds are closed under the Government’s direction because hard surfaces like swings and climbing frames can harbour the COVID-19 virus for up to 72 hours. All playground facilities are therefore taped off and closed.

Go to the Council homepage for more information

Go to the COVID-19 website for more information

While most in our community are taking the stay home, stay local self-isolation messages seriously, there may be one or two people who aren’t. If you think someone is flouting this national guidance, the best place to report this is to the Police.

Visit the Police 105 page for more information