Council support to get Marlborough through COVID-19


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Council support to get Marlborough through COVID-19

  • Date 11:38 AM Thursday 9 April 2020
  • Type COVID-19

Over the past few weeks Council has focussed on a range of measures to help Marlborough get through COVID-19 and allow the region to hit the ground running once the lockdown is over.

Mayor John Leggett said these are challenging times for Marlborough and New Zealand, but there are a range of actions the Council can undertake to help us get through.

Welfare support

The Council’s Civil Defence and Emergency Management Welfare Team is supporting the regional response to COVID-19. The Welfare Team has been working hard over the last couple of weeks for those in the community who need extra help with emergency accommodation or basic supplies.

The Welfare Team is available to help people who don’t have anyone else to assist with shopping and who are unable to shop themselves. For example those who are:

  • In self isolation and can’t get to the shops
  • Unable to access online shopping
  • Don’t have anyone they can ask help There’s no cost to the individual and while the team can’t get everything that people may want they will do their best to provide what is needed.

Grocery orders are placed once a day and collected at around 4.00 pm for delivery.

Over the last two weeks the team has helped a number of people to find accommodation and has worked with the Police to relocate non-resident campers to suitable self-contained accommodation and motels. The number of campers in the region has reduced significantly.

Places have also been found for some of our homeless. These efforts are both for their own health protection and also the health of the wider public.

People who need extra help or advice should call 03 520 7400 and ask for the Welfare Team or email

If you have symptoms that could be related to COVID-19 please call the dedicated Healthline on 0800 358 5453.

Economic recovery planning underway

Council Chief Executive Mark Wheeler says Council sta are working very hard to help Marlborough’s economy to recover from the COVID-19 crisis.

“Planning is already underway to assist our region’s economic recovery post- COVID-19. We will focus on prioritising where the Council can make a difference.

We’re working in close cooperation with central government, iwi, Marlborough business and employers groups, and we want to make sure we have the regional data and information we need to make the best decisions for the long term for Marlborough. An Economic Action Group will be formed this week and inform and consult a wider Industry Advisory Group on its actions.”

“This economic recovery structure will initially focus on information gathering, business support services, workforce redeployment, recruitment, training and identifying further infrastructure investment. Along with the Chamber of Commerce and Business Trust Marlborough we’ll be ensuring that Marlborough businesses get all the government assistance they deserve.”

“Right now, we’re working with the Government preparing details on ‘shovelready’ projects here in Marlborough that could benefit from Government support. We’re meeting weekly with agencies, iwi and industry sector groups to share information so we can plan our recovery together. Discussions have already been had with local civil contractors so that they are prepared for a lot of work coming to the market very soon.”

$1.2 million was set aside to help community organisations and facilities such as Marlborough Lines Stadium 2000 to remain viable. Those funds come from the Council’s Emergency Events Reserve. More economic recovery proposals are being developed so that Marlborough is ready to go post the COVID-19 lockdown