Taylor River Pathway

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Taylor River Pathway

  • Date 2:17 PM Wednesday 27 May 2020
  • Type Rivers, Rainfall & Reserves

Marlborough District Council in partnership with Marlborough Roads is improving the Taylor River Reserve shared path between the Beaver Road and Monro Street footbridges.

Construction is expected be completed early October 2020.

Notice to all path users

This project will temporarily impact on pathway and reserve users and neighbouring properties. Once completed the pathway improvements will benefit all users, as well as the wider community.

  • This is a staged project which means that not all areas of the pathway will be impacted at the same time. Signage will indicate areas of construction at any given time.
  • For your own safety we ask that you keep out of construction areas and use alternative routes.
  • In most cases it will be possible to use the pathway on the other side of the river, or to go around the construction area, on the grass.
  • Dog owners are asked to use leads around construction areas, to keep themselves and their pets safe.
  • Importantly, even after the path widening is complete, common courtesy and shared pathway etiquette will still be required, of course. This etiquette is explained by the shared pathway signage along the path.

Find out more about this project on the Taylor River Pathway project page