Muller Road critical infrastructure project begins

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Muller Road critical infrastructure project begins

  • Date 8:21 AM Wednesday 6 January 2021
  • Type Roads

Do it once, do it right is the driver behind a significant Blenheim infrastructure upgrade about to begin in Muller Road.

The Council will start site investigations on 12 January as part of the critical works project to replace the wastewater, stormwater and water mains along Muller Road, between Redwood Street and Weld Street. Construction is due to start at the Redwood Street end on 18 February.

“Over the past 15 years, the expansion of Blenheim’s residential areas has seen more pressure put on existing stormwater and wastewater facilities, some of which are beyond their useful life. New infrastructure is needed,” said Councillor Nadine Taylor, Chair of the Council’s Assets and Services Committee.

The $3.5 million project, which has been awarded to infrastructure company Fulton Hogan, is part of Blenheim’s 30 year infrastructure upgrade strategy. The project will take up to 12 months with completion planned for late 2021.

“We recognise there will be disruption for residents. However, the Council wants to ‘do it once, do it right’ and minimise future disruption by replacing all the critical services at once. These works also include improvements for property owners, with new pipe connections to stormwater, wastewater and the water main,” Clr Taylor said.

The sewerage pipes in this area of Blenheim are old and beyond their useful life. The project will see new stormwater pipes installed which will reduce the surface water flooding risk. The water main will also be replaced at the same time, with new duplicate pipes on each side of the road.

Once completed, the road will be resurfaced from kerb to kerb in chip seal. All berms, kerbs and footpaths will be reinstated where affected.

There will be a flow-on effect for traffic in the area with sections of the road closed to the public during daytime work hours, with one way traffic only outside the hours of work.