Council Facilities and Public Spaces


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Council Facilities and Public Spaces

Council-owned facilities and venues

Some Council-owned facilities and venues in Marlborough run by other organisations set their own rules such as Marlborough Lines Stadium 2000, the ASB Theatre and Marlborough Events Centre and the Clubs of Marlborough. Please contact these venues directly for guidance.

Customer service centres and libraries

Masks are mandatory at our Customer Service Centres and Libraries. My Vaccine Pass is not required for entry to any Council facilities.

Online services

Many Council services and transactions can be carried out online and do not require a physical visit to a building. Council’s online services are operating as usual - many enquiries, applications, payments, submissions and other Council business can be carried out via this website.

The libraries have a ‘takeaway’ service available for those who are unable to access the library buildings. This service is for all customers who cannot or do not want to come into the libraries, but would still like to access our physical collections. A customer can make a request for library items via an online form or by making contact with us, and collection will be arranged.

Council and committee meetings

Council and Committee meetings remain open to the public. Masks are mandatory. Please note that due to the setup of Council Chambers there is very limited public seating available.

A recording of Council/Committee meetings and a set of draft minutes will be uploaded to Council’s website as soon as practicable after each meeting. These will also available on request. The draft minutes are an unofficial record until confirmed by a subsequent Council meeting.