Refuse and Recycling


Council COVID-19 information

Blenheim's customer service centre is now open, with reduced hours of 10.00 am to 4.00 pm and some reduced services during COVID-19 Alert Level 2. Find out more

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Refuse and Recycling

Refuse and recycling during COVID-19 Level 2

Priorities for Level Two

The transfer stations, resource recovery centre, greenwaste and reuse centres are busiest at weekends if you can use these sites during the week please do so,

If you have to use the rubbish and recycling sites then observe the social distancing rules - two metre separation.

Follow the instructions from staff and help us keep everyone safe.

Site staff will be recording vehicle registration details as part of our contact tracing protocol during Level 3.

Don’t abuse the site staff, be civil.

Clean your hands after handling rubbish or recycling.

Where to get refuse bags

Rolls of 10 Council refuse bags can continue to be purchased from supermarkets. Council refuse bag vouchers can be redeemed at council offices in Picton and Blenheim for rolls of 52. The annual council refuse bag vouchers for 2020/21 will be issued, via post, as normal in July.

Kerbside collections

Kerbside collections in Blenheim and Picton will continue as normal. To minimise the handling of recycling by the collection crews, these materials will now have to be sent to landfill until further notice.

Kerbside collection during public holidays

Kerbside collections that fall on a public holiday will now be carried out on that public holiday not an alternative day.

Upcoming public holidays:

Public Holiday Day Date Collection Day Date
Queens Birthday Monday 1 June Monday 1 June

Transfer stations

The transfer stations will continue to open as normal. If you can use them during the week then please do so. Only use a transfer station if you have to; please use kerbside collection where possible.

Resource recovery centre

The resource recovery centre will continue to open as normal but access will be controlled to ensure social distancing is being observed. For clarity, the priority during COVID-19 Level 2 is still to observe social distancing and good hygiene practice i.e. wash your hands after you have handled waste or recycling.

Rural community recycling

The rural community recycling services and coin skips will continue to operate as normal.

Reuse centre

The reuse centre in Blenheim will re-open when we move to COVID-19 level 2. Please ensure you have cleaned down any items you want to donate.


The Greenwaste site is open under normal operating hours but with controlled access to maintain social distancing.

Bluegums Landfill

The Bluegums Landfill site is open normal hours to existing commercial customers only.