About TEAM Group

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About TEAM Group

The Economic Action Marlborough (TEAM) group has brought together Council and representatives from the wine, aquaculture, forestry, tourism and farming sectors, as well as a mandated iwi representative, Port Marlborough, Marlborough Chamber of Commerce and Ministry of Social Development.

Councillor Mark Peters is chairing the TEAM group from Phase Two of the project.

“Council is designated as the regional lead during emergencies and COVID-19 is the biggest challenge Marlborough has faced in our lifetimes. We’ve already announced Council itself will spend over $60 million of capital expenditure in 2020-21 and similar spending over each of the next three years.”

Given the impacts of COVID-19 on many Marlborough businesses, Council’s role extended to supporting a wider recovery, working with key sectors and agencies.

The TEAM group have looked at four phases for recovery from the current Respond phase dealing with the immediate lockdown issues, moving to a Resilience phase where maintaining cashflow and jobs are the focus, to a Return phase where capacity and scale are rebuilt, and a final Reimagination phase where a new normal was developed.

The Phase One recovery plan was published in May 2020 that focused on an initial impact assessment and key response projects. Phase Two got underway in July 2020 with a report expected by the end of year which will include an in depth assessment of impact, and key resilience and return projects to assist the recovery effort.

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