Health effects of PM10


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Health effects of PM10

PM10 particles are so small that they effectively act as a gas. When breathed in they penetrate deep into the lungs. Exposure to high concentrations of PM10 can result in a number of health impacts ranging from coughing and wheezing to asthma attacks and bronchitis to high blood pressure, heart attack, strokes and premature death.

Health effects of PM10 shown in a cone diagram, beginning with asthma attacks and bronchitis, through to hospitalization, developmental effects, premature deaths, cancer, and finally, premature death.

The young and old and persons with existing medical conditions are most likely to be adversely affected by exposure to high PM10 concentrations.

A major study carried out in New Zealand suggests that PM10 results in 900 premature deaths every year. This study, for the first time, provides detailed epidemiological information on the short term and long term effects on mortality of exposure to urban air pollution in New Zealand. To find out more about the survey, use the link below.

Go to the Statistics NZ website

Health effects of PM10 shown on body parts of a human body affected.