Guidelines for Sustainable Management of Native Vegetation on Farms


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Guidelines for Sustainable Management of Native Vegetation on Farms

These guidelines have been developed to help farmers balance the protection of natural values and areas of native vegetation on the farm, without compromising productivity. Two farming families were involved in developing the guidelines and have trialled the process of creating a management plan for their properties. Several more management plans are underway with interested landowners.

A series of headings and questions are used to guide landowners through a process of firstly clarifying and reviewing their objectives, issues and options in relation to both farm production and the protection of native vegetation and habitats, and secondly, developing a management plan which sets out the specifics of how different parts of the property will be managed to balance protection and production.

The guidelines themselves are intended to be a useful tool to prompt landowners' thinking and planning for their properties, however, they will be most useful when the process is used to create a property management plan and an associated property map, possibly with support from Council staff. Anyone interested in support to apply the guideline process to their property can contact Mike Aviss at Marlborough District Council, phone: 03 520 7400.