North Marlborough Planting and Restoration Guide


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North Marlborough Planting and Restoration Guide

North Marlborough Planting Guide

This guide, jointly published by Marlborough District Council and the Department of Conservation, is a companion to Native Vegetation for South Marlborough.

Many people are interested in enhancing their land with restoration planting. This has often been a suggestion for the management of the significant natural areas identified in the ecological surveys which have been carried out over the last few years in Marlborough. Providing refuges for special North Marlborough plants is another reason for planting.

North Marlborough has a benign climate that favours plant growth: reliable rainfall and a relatively mild temperature range.

In its primeval state, North Marlborough would have been cloaked in forest from the coast to the tops, including the alluvial valley floors, and would have abounded with native birds and insects. While widespread vegetation clearance has taken place, many landowners are looking to restore areas on their properties, such as wetlands, and also to improve the condition of existing regeneration native vegetation by adding new species or carrying out plant and animal pest control.

The guide includes information on:

  • Reasons for planting and restoration
  • Planning your planting or restoration programme
  • How to ensure plant survival
  • Planting lists
  • Pest control