Wither Hills Farm Park


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Wither Hills Farm Park

This 1,100 hectare reserve is located on the southern boundary of Blenheim and provides extensive walking, running and biking opportunities. Soil conservation is also a principal function, and the park is operated as a working farm. Extensive and ongoing tree planting has taken place almost annually within the valley systems since 1985, with Blenheim school children assisting as an educational tool. A landscape planting plan for the farm park was developed as part of the Management Plan review process as approved in 2005. A 40 hectare area of dryland forest in Sutherland Stream was protected through a QEII covenant in 1995, and a revegetation programme was carried out, however, much was lost during a fire in 2000. A recovery management programme has been prepared, which includes an annual vegetation monitoring survey and additional ecosourced planting.

Walking Wither Hills Farm Park