Invasive Species


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Invasive Species

Possum pest species.

Invasive species present the largest threat to habitats, species and remaining ecological values of ecosystems in New Zealand. A number of invasive species threaten native biodiversity in Marlborough. Marlborough’s central location, varied climate and landscapes provide a range of habitats and conditions suitable for invasive species.

Due to a combination of early liberations and some more recent establishments, there are a number of established predators of native fauna (such as ferrets, stoats, possums, rats) and browsing animals (feral pigs, deer and goats) that all have an impact on natural ecosystem health and function. Similarly, the impacts of invasive weed species is widely known through often intense competition.

Council directly manages a number of invasive species through its Biosecurity Section that are low incidence but have a high threat to biodiversity. Coming from the other direction, Council’s Significant Natural Area programme delivered by its Biodiversity Programme provides support to landholders to manage threats that are affecting a given significant site. These are commonly the widespread and established invasive species and assistance may include fencing, predator control and/or weed control.

More Information of invasive species known to occur in Marlborough, or at risk of establishing, can be found below.

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