Blue morning glory


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Blue morning glory

Blue morning glory flowers in boom.
Blue morning glory strangling an established tree.

Blue morning glory is an invasive climber originating as a garden escape. Marlborough District Council is aware that this pest poses a risk within Marlborough and is gathering information on the distribution of this weed to evaluate its future status.

Marlborough District Council and/or the Department of Conservation welcome any information about the occurrence of this plant. Land occupiers are encouraged to control infestations. Blue morning glory is also an unwanted organism under the Biosecurity Act 1993 given it is on the National Pest Plant Accord list of species banned from sale, propagation, distribution or commercial display.

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Should you see this plant please report it to the Marlborough District Council..

Go to the Department of Conservation website

Go to the Weedbusters website for further information, control tips and images