Kangaroo grass (RPMP 2018)


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Kangaroo grass (RPMP 2018)

Patches of kangaroo grass.

Kangaroo grass is subject to a Sustained Control programme as part of the Regional Pest Management Plan 2018 (RPMP). It has a relatively limited distribution with higher densities confined to a small number of areas within Marlborough. The long term goal is to ensure the infestations are maintained at low levels and where in higher density, contained to those defined areas.

Land occupiers with kangaroo grass on their property are required to destroy all plants before they produce seed each year. An exception of areas that fall within a Containment Area, where all plants within 5 m of the Containment Area boundary must be destroyed before they produce seed. Council can work with occupiers to develop and agree on a Management Plan for their property. This can also include assistance by way of Council undertaking the management of the plant if it will provide the best long term result.

kangaroo grass on road side.

Information for the use of Taskforce herbicide

The Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) has put together an information sheet for users of the herbicide Taskforce. The information sheet contains details on key rules that need to followed along with information for the correct procedures for aerial application of Taskforce.

EPA information sheet: Key rules for using the herbicide Taskforce

For further advice on use of Taskforce herbicide to achieve the most effective control, contact Council Biosecurity staff or download the pest brochure above from the EPA website.

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