Wither Hills Farm Park Track Closures

All upper tracks in the Wither Hills Farm Park, including the Mountain Bike Park are now closed due to increased fire risk.

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Ragwort plant with distinctive yellow daisy-like  flower heads.
Clump of Ragwort plants in a field with distinctive yellow daisy-like  flower heads and dark green leaves.

Ragwort is an invasive pastoral weed established across many higher rainfall pastoral areas of Marlborough. Marlborough District Council is aware that this species poses a risk and is supporting research into any opportunities for biological control as they arise.

Existing biological control agents released have proved to be one the most successful stories in New Zealand’s history using biological control targeting weeds. However, they are still subject to natural cycles meaning traditional control techniques are required from time to time to keep abundances in check.

Land occupiers with ragwort on their property are required to destroy all plants within 50 m of adjacent property boundaries, where the adjacent property is free of ragwort and the spread of ragwort will affect agricultural and/or environmental values.

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