On-Farm Biosecurity Guidelines


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On-Farm Biosecurity Guidelines

Biosecurity gate sign for farms.
  • Know your pest plants and how to identify them.
  • Biosecurity staff are happy to come out to look at any suspect plant and provide advice with its control if necessary. Early detection and management of any weed is essential to avoid it becoming established. Of course, preventing it from getting to your property in the first place is the most ideal.
  • Ensure you know who and what is coming on to your property.
  • Ask questions about where vehicles have come from and, if need be, inspect that vehicles are clean.
  • If you have a high-pressure water source for cleaning, use it for cleaning vehicles coming on to and out of your property. Ensure regular checks are made around your clean-down area for emergence of pest plants.
  • If buying in stock or stock feed such as hay, check the property that it's coming from is clean before purchasing.
  • If using your vehicles on other people’s properties, stick to formed tracks wherever possible and clean down your vehicle before leaving that property.
  • Many seeds of pest plants can remain viable in the soil for many years, therefore any soiled machinery, such as diggers or mud stuck in tyres, may carry contaminated soil. Ensure that vehicles are clean of soil and plants before they enter your property.
  • Signage at entrance gates can alert people they must contact you before entering so you can ask questions, inspect vehicles if necessary and inform them of any restrictions you may have.
  • Farm biosecurity signs are available for free at Council.