Other Pests

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Other Pests

There are a number of invasive pest species that have no legal requirements for landowners to intervene, however; voluntarily action is encouraged. Council's biosecurity team are able to provide advice on the management of these pests.

  • Australian Magpies

    Two species of magpie, the black-backed magpie and the white-backed magpie were introduced into New Zealand in the 1860s.

  • Banana Passionfruit

    Banana passionfruit is a vigorous, smothering climber that originates from tropical North and South America.

  • Crack Willow

    Crack willow is a large tree that originates from Europe and West Asia. It grows in the margins of rivers, streams,ponds and lakes.

  • Didymo

    Didymo, also known as "rock snot" is a freshwater diatom (a type of alga). Didymo is currently found in a number of South Island rivers.

  • Feral Cats

    Cats were bought to New Zealand in the ships of early European explorers, from 1769 onwards. They were kept on the ships to control the rats.

  • Feral Deer

    Various species of deer were released in New Zealand between 1850 and 1925 for recreational hunting purposes.

  • Feral Goats

    The feral goat originates from Europe and was released in New Zealand in the late 1700s.

  • Feral Pigs

    The feral pig was first released in New Zealand in the late 1700s to act as a food source for castaways.

  • Japanese Honeysuckle

    Japanese honeysuckle is a vigorous evergreen climber that originates from East Asia. It has tubular white flowers.

  • Mouse-ear Hawkweed

    Hieracium species are stoloniferous, low growing perennial herbs that originate from Eurasia.

  • Mustelids

    Three species of mustelid: the stoat, the weasel and the ferret, were introduced to New Zealand in the late 1880s to control rabbits.

  • Old Man's Beard

    Old mans beard is a vigorous plant pest that poses an ecological threat to native vegetation in parts of Marlborough.

  • Pampas Grass Jubata and Selloana

    Pampas Grass Jubata and Pampas Grass Selloana are large perennial grasses, which grow up to 5 metres tall and originate from South America.

  • Pest Fish

    Some exotic freshwater fish are serious pests within our waterways. Several species are listed as unwanted organisms by Biosecurity NZ.

  • Rats - Kiore, Norway Rat and Ship Rat

    There are three species of rat present in New Zealand.

  • Varroa Mite

    Varroa mite is established in the North Island and as far south as Canterbury and Westland in the South Island

  • Wandering Jew

    Wandering Jew is a trailing perennial herb that originates from South America.

  • Wasps

    The environment in Marlborough, particularly the Marlborough Sounds, provides a favourable habitat for wasps because of mild winters, a lack of natural wasp predators and plentiful food supply.

  • Wilding Pines

    Wilding pines are trees that have spread from plantings made for the prevention of soil erosion and for commercial forestry.

  • Yellow Flag Iris

    Yellow flag iris is an aquatic perennial which grows up to 2 metres tall and originates from Europe and North Africa.