Regional Pest Management Strategy Review

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Regional Pest Management Strategy Review

Why is Council reviewing the Regional Pest Management Strategy?

The previous Regional Pest Management Strategy 2007 (RPMS 2102) was “rolled over” by Council in 2012 because of impending changes to the Biosecurity Act.

To find out more about the Biosecurity Act 1993, use the link below.

Go to the NZ Legislation website

The changes to the Act were made in 2012 at which time the Council committed to undertaking a review of the Regional Pest Management Strategy for Marlborough 2012.

Government has also made a National Policy Direction (NPD) for Pest Management. Use the link below to see the NPD for Pest Management.

Go to the MPI website

We want you to know what changes will be required and what you think about pest issues in Marlborough before we start the formal review process.


March 2016Release a discussion document for comment. Meet as required
29 April 2016Return comments to Council
UnderwayCouncil prepares proposal
Late 2017 or Early 2018Notify a proposal for public submissions
Mid 2018Adopt a Regional Pest Management Plan
  • Stage 1 - Pest Management Strategy Discussion Document

    ​A discussion document has been prepared to provide information on what changes are being proposed to Council’s Pest Management Programmes for the future.

  • Stages 2 and 3

    Stage 2 - the comments sent in for Stage 1 will be reviewed. Council will then prepare a proposal. Stage 3 - Council will hold hearings for those submitters who wish to be heard.