Stage 2 - RPMP Proposal Material

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Stage 2 - RPMP Proposal Material

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Individual RPMP proposal programmes

More information on the above can be found on the A-Z of pests page of this website

Further information on weeds can be found on the Weedbusters website

Smart Maps associated with the RPMP

While static maps are shown with the RPMP Proposal, the backing data can also be explored using the Council Smart Maps tool.

Biosecurity Pest Plant Distribution Data

RPMP Proposal Zones/Areas

RPMP Proposal Occupier Rule Obligations


Submissions close 5.00 pm Friday 23 March 2018 and can be completed online:

Go to online submission form

Alternatively, submissions can be submitted to:


Post: Attention: Pest Review
Marlborough District Council
PO Box 443
Blenheim 7240