Catchment Care


August Weather Event 2022

Information relating to the recent weather event in Marlborough

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Catchment Care

Find out more about the Catchment Care programme in each of the links below.

For further information or assistance on the Catchment Care programme, please contact:

Matt Oliver
Phone: 03 520 7400

  • About the Programme

    Catchment Care is a five-year programme launched in 2020 to invest in and collaborate with communities of Marlborough to protect and improve our river catchments.

  • Background

    Find out more on the background for the Catchment Care programme.

  • Funding Criteria

    See further details about what programme funds can be used for.

  • How To Access Funding

    Council is reaching out to landowners in catchment areas prioritised in the Marlborough Environment Plan as these areas have been identified with the greatest need.

  • Programme Priorities

    Funding for projects will be prioritised and based on multiple considerations—from historic monitoring results of a waterway to landowner readiness.