August Weather Event 2022

Information relating to the recent weather event in Marlborough

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Marlborough District Council scientists monitor climate, rainfall, river flows and groundwater levels, analyse data and provide information and advice to groups both inside and outside Council.

Their work includes flood prediction and flood-monitoring network maintenance.

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Further information

Climate information at NIWA

  • Climate Change

    This section contains information on climate change and climate change initiatives.

  • Climate Impact Report

    Reports and special investigations on Marlborough's Climate.

  • Frost Indicators and Maps

    The demand for maps indicating frost risk has arisen with the rapid spread of vineyards away from the central Wairau Plains.

  • Historical Observations

    Marlborough District Council has an archive of historic rainfall and climate data available.

  • Rainfall

    Marlborough District Council maintains a network of rainfall monitoring sites, with data transferred electronically to Council's Blenheim office.

  • Weather

    Marlborough District Council maintains a limited number of real time weather stations using electronic technology.