Community Involvement


July 2021 Storm Event

For information and updates relating to the recent storm event: See our alerts section for updates

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Community Involvement

Coastal community members in the Marlborough Sounds

There are various small communities throughout the Marlborough Sounds, which Council works with to find out what's happening, to address issues and to deal with any concerns. This is done through the Sounds Advisory Group (SAG)

  • Marlborough Sounds Restoration Trust

    The Marlborough Sounds Restoration Trust is a voluntary group that works with the Marlborough District Council, land-owners and DOC to prevent the spread of wild pine trees.

  • 'Sounds Advice' newsletter

    'Sounds Advice' is an annual Council newsletter to keep you in touch with what’s happening to protect and enhance the Sounds environment.

  • Sounds Advisory Group

    With small communities spread throughout the Marlborough Sounds, the Council works with the Sounds Advisory Group to find out what’s happening and deal with any concerns.