Natural Character


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Natural Character

Marlborough Sounds in low light (L).  Shags sunbathing on a rock (R).

The Council and Department of Conservation have produced a report that defines and maps the natural character of coastal Marlborough.

The concept of coastal natural character moves beyond physical landscape to include the interaction between land and sea, flora and fauna, natural processes and patterns and the way we experience the coastal environment.

The report helps Council give effect to the NZ Coastal Policy Statement, which requires the identification of areas of high natural character.

Marlborough is divided into 17 coastal terrestrial areas and seven coastal marine areas. Each area is described, assessed and given an overall natural character rating from very low to very high.

The report includes maps depicting parts of the coastal environment that have high, very high and outstanding natural landscape.

It provides useful information for those applying for resource consent or just wanting to find out more about our coastal places.