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What is an Enviroschool

Imagine a generation of innovative and motivated young people, who instinctively think and act sustainably: wake up to an enviroschools day.

Students are learning science, technology and art by helping architects to design a solar heated classroom with a water system that supplies the swimming pool and organic food garden. In a maths class, students use data from the audit they conducted with their caretaker to report on energy and water savings to the board of trustees. Horticulturalists and parents are working with a class in the plant propagation unit. They are raising trees to revegetate their adopted gully and establish a rongoā (Māori medicinal) garden. Younger children are mapping the existing trees and recording their native names, and, while English students prepare their submission to the district council’s district plan, eg; water quality, others are adding the worm farm project to the school landscaping plan.

It is a vision that is already becoming reality for many schools through involvement in the Enviroschools programme.

Benefits of being an Enviroschool


  • Knowledge about a range of sustainability issues
  • Skills in decision making and planning
  • Cooperative working skills
  • Leadership and project management experience
  • Whole school becomes a learning resource


  • Sustainable resource management
  • Enhancing biodiversity
  • Greener purchasing decisions
  • Respect and care for the environment

Social and community benefits

  • Reduction in bullying and anti-social behaviour
  • Reduction in littering and vandalism
  • Increased involvement of communities

Economic Benefits

  • Financial savings
  • Greater use of sustainable business practices
  • Student entrepreneurship

For more information, download the Enviroschools pamphlet:

For the latest updates on Enviroschools information and local stories go to the Enviroschools website and check our Facebook page Enviroschools Marlborough and our local Enviroschools Marlborough website.

Enviroschools Marlborough website

For more information about the National Enviroschools' programme see the Enviroschools website.

Enviroschools website