Marlborough's Water


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Marlborough's Water


Water is essential for life and therefore needs to be treasured and looked after.

The following information is designed to give you some general information about Marlborough’s water and what happens to it.

There are also several other resources that you can access that will give you some further information, such as our Enviroschools programmes topic on healthy water, the Wai Korero kit for schools and our environmental educators who can work with your classes to look at where our water comes from as well as water quality, the critters that live in your local waterway and show you how to monitor the water. These resources all have links to the science, health and social sciences curriculum.


Some interesting facts and figures about water:

  • Water covers over 70% of our planet
  • The oceans make up over 90% of all water on earth
  • Around 3% of all water is locked in icecaps
  • Only 0.03% is all we actually have to drink, wash in and grow food with
  • We use 70% more water than we did 30 years ago
  • Around 60-70% of the world’s water is pumped from underground aquifers
  • We are now using that underground water more quickly than it is replaced by rainfall infiltration
  • A jellyfish is 96% water
  • A watermelon is 93% water; an apple is 80% water
  • An elephant or a human is 65% water
  • The water molecule is made from two hydrogen atoms linked to an atom of oxygen. They are so small that there are millions of H2O molecules in a single drop of water

For more information, download Marlborough's Water Pamphlet:

We can also organise visits with our engineers to our water and wastewater treatment plants. For further information, contact Annie McDonald, email: