Sustainable Communities and Enviroschools


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Sustainable Communities and Enviroschools

What Enviroschools is about


Enviroschools supports children and young people to plan, design and implement sustainability actions.

Participating schools range from kindergarten through to secondary school and beyond.

The programme includes student-directed process of exploration, decision making, action and reflection and action projects with environmental and educational outcomes that benefit the school and wider community.

Enviroschools also has some great resources for schools around themes of water, waste, living landscapes, energy and eco buildings. It is based on five guiding principles, empowered students, learning for sustainability, sustainable communities, Māori perspectives, respect for diversity of people and cultures.

For more information see the Enviroschools website

Check out local stories and information at Enviroschools Marlborough

What Sustainable Living is about

Sustainable Living

The Sustainable Living programme is a practical, fun way to learn and use actions to reduce your environmental impacts. Sustainable Living offers future living skills for a healthier lifestyle and a new approach to making smart consumer choices in New Zealand.

Where your local Council is a member of the Sustainable Living Education Trust, you can download the learning guides, free. First, go to our district and city gateway page, to check if your Council is involved. You need to register your email and home address just once, then make a note of the password that we quickly email to you.

Go to Sustainable Living district and city gateway page

From the learning guides, see how to make a healthier, drier and warmer home and how you can easily reduce your waste to landfill. Other topics to explore are: home organic food growing, water use efficiency, avoiding toxic chemicals, smart healthy food shopping and preserving tips, how to reduce your power bill. The learning guides also include eco-building design and house renovation ideas, lower-carbon transport options, and community resilience. All have a practical focus and are independent of commercial bias.

Go to Sustainable Living learning guides

Enjoy exploring the Environmental Education Living More Sustainably page and also check out our free local downloadable brochures.

Living More Sustainably

Enviroschools focuses on supporting students to learn about and take action for the environment. Sustainable living supports adults and families to do the same. Our aim is to link schools and communities to work together to make a difference for our future.