COVID-19 Orange level information

Marlborough is at the Orange level of the COVID-19 Protection Framework (the traffic light system). See information relating to Council services under this alert level.

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Vineyards needing groundwater irrigation.
Glass filling up with drinking water from tap.

Groundwater is vitally important to the economic prosperity and general wellbeing of Marlborough. This is particularly true in southern Marlborough, where many rivers naturally dry up each summer because of low rainfall.

There is also a growing awareness of the contribution that groundwater makes to maintaining the flow of local springs and of its other environmental benefits.

Crop irrigation.

However, because groundwater is a hidden resource, it can be taken for granted. The saying: “out of sight out of mind” certainly applies to aquifers.

Demand for groundwater is increasing as the district’s population and businesses grow. As a result, there is a greater awareness of our dependence on the groundwater resource.

To be useful, the resource must continue to be available in reliable quantities and be of high quality. Because there is no substitute for freshwater, we must ensure that the groundwater resource isn’t overused or contaminated.