Reports and Special Investigations


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Reports and Special Investigations

As well as the ongoing functions of monitoring the status of the region's groundwater resources, Marlborough District Council staff are working on one-off projects related to particular issues.

Current projects include:

  • The focus of Marlborough District Council investigations through to 2019 will be the hydraulic interaction between the Wairau Aquifer and the Wairau River in the recharge reach between the Waihopai River confluence and State Highway 1 at Tuamarina.
  • The first priority is to quantify the recharge rate, and in particular, whether it varies in time or space. Once there is a representative set of abstraction records for different soils, the Wairau Aquifer will be modelled to provide a platform for refining the safe yield and modelling nutrient loads.
  • Other areas of hydrological research and investigation by Marlborough District Council are:
    • Nutrient leaching to groundwater from land use
    • Applying science to develop policy and rules for water management

Groundwaters of Marlborough

Groundwaters of Marlborough is a book summarising what is known about Marlborough’s underground water resources. Hard copies are available for purchase from Marlborough District Council's Blenheim and Picton offices, or a copy can be downloaded for free from this website.

Groundwater related reports

Marlborough District Council staff periodically release technical publications documenting investigations. In addition, consultants are commissioned from time to time to prepare reports requiring specialist expertise. Once these reports have been presented to Council they are available to the public.

Each year, Marlborough District Council staff prepare separate annual state of the aquifers reports on groundwater quality and groundwater quantity. These reports are condensed into scorecards.

The reports are presented to Marlborough District Council in July (groundwater quality) and October (groundwater quantity) each year. They are valid for the following 12 months before they are updated based on more recent information. Reports are set out below, in order of publication.

Yearly reports

2014 GNS Science Rai-Pelorus Catchment Groundwater Storage Report - a copy is available from Peter Davidson, Marlborough District Council, phone: 03 520 7400 or email: