The Research Team


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The Research Team

Investigating the drop in the Wairau aquifer involves overlapping issues of hydrology, run-off and river management, so Marlborough District Council staff have joined forces with specialists from Lincoln University and the University of Dresden in Germany for this research.

The University of Dresden scientists are specialists in the interaction between aquifers, rivers and springs. Their involvement in this project is partly funded by the German Government as well as Marlborough District Council. They are working closely with researchers at Lincoln Agritech in Canterbury.

The project team

MDC project team: from left, Geoff Dick, Val Wadsworth, Peter Davidson and Mike Ede.

MDC project team: from left, Geoff Dick, Val Wadsworth, Peter Davidson and Mike Ede


Peter Davidson
MDC Groundwater Scientist and Wairau Aquifer Project Leader

Val Wadsworth
MDC Surfacewater Hydrologist

Geoff Dick
MDC Manager of Rivers and Drainage Engineering

Mike Ede
MDC Manager of Environmental Information Unit

University of Dresden

Dr Thomas Wöhling, Senior Research Scientist, University of Dresden.

Dr Thomas Wöhling
Senior Research Scientist, University of Dresden

Lincoln Agritech

Scott Wilson  Hydrogeologist, Lincoln Agritech.

Scott Wilson
Hydrogeologist, Lincoln Agritech