August Weather Event 2022

Information relating to the recent weather event in Marlborough

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The Marlborough District Council Harbour encompasses approximately 4200 km² of water-space including all of the Marlborough Sounds and d'Urville Island. The harbour supports a diverse range of activity including commercial shipping, marine farming, tourism, and recreational boating. Major town centres include Picton, Waikawa Bay and Havelock but it is also home to many permanent residents and small communities are established throughout the sounds.

The purpose of the Harbourmaster is to ensure that Council meets is statutory obligations as the Harbour Authority to maintain a safe and navigable waterway free of oil pollution. The Harbourmaster is supported by a small team based in Picton and the Harbour's vessels can frequently be seen on the water.

  • Contact Harbours Team

    Contact details for Harbourmaster.

  • Events on the Harbour

    The Harbour Master may require the event organiser to complete an event application form.

  • Harbour Forms

    Harbour forms.

  • Harbour Notices

    The following are the harbour notices in place at the present time.

  • Information for Commercial Ships

    Agents/owners are required to complete and submit the ship pre-arrival form and submit it to the Harbour before at least 24 hours prior to entering into the Marlborough Harbour Limits.

  • Marlborough Cruise Guide

    The Cruise Guide to the Marlborough Sounds is a free interactive app and website providing essential boating information and much more.

  • Navigation Warnings

    The following are the navigation warnings in place at the present time.

  • Oil Spills

    Marlborough District Council is responsible for responding to reported marine oil spills within the district and within the 12 nautical mile territorial sea boundary.

  • Port and Harbour Safety Code

    The Marlborough District Council is committed to operating in a manner that is consistent with the requirements of the New Zealand Port and Harbour Marine Safety Code.

  • Safer Boating

    The Safe Boating and Tides brochure provides a good overview of safe boating advice, rules and regulations as relate to the Marlborough Sounds.

  • Weather - Harbours

    Weather stations established at key locations throughout the Queen Charlotte Sound/Tōtaranui provide real time information to assist with safe navigation.