Harbour Regulations

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Harbour Regulations

Navigation bylaws

Marlborough District Council exercises authority over harbour waters through powers vested in it by the Local Government Act and Maritime Transport Act. This includes the powers to make bylaws relevant to safety and navigation.

The 2009 Navigation Safety Bylaws are presently in force. New navigation safety bylaws are expected to be proposed in early 2019.

Read the 2009 Navigation Safety Bylaws

Harbourmaster's directions

The Harbourmaster is empowered under the Maritime Transport Act 1994 to issue directions to ships and vessels. Directions presently in force will be listed here.

National legislation

National rules and acts apply to shipping and boating in the region. Some of the most pertinent are listed here however, this list is not exhaustive.

Maritime Rule 91: Navigational Safety Rules

Maritime Rule 90: Pilotage

The Maritime Transport Act 1994 (as amended 2013)

Incident Reporting