Vineyard development areas


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Vineyard development areas

The Council has a range of policies and programmes in place to assist with management of the regions land based resources. This spatially driven project captures Land Cover / Land Use specifically targeting vineyard as it has a wide range of end uses across various integrated work streams within Council, including;

  • Providing information about the infrastructure required for irrigation and water storage,
  • Urban development and infrastructure planning
  • Labour provision,
  • Cumulative effects of water takes,
  • Consent compliance and monitoring
  • Potential contaminated land,
  • Risks to biodiversity and biosecurity,
  • Property valuation
  • Forecasting future economic growth

Data Sources used

High quality ‘rural' aerial imagery in Marlborough is flown on a 5-7 year rotation, with “urban” townships flown on a more regular basis 2-3 years, given this is our most precise method of updating this coverage the Council team has to use a variety of other methods and sources of information to ensure this data set remains up to date during the years when no aerial updates are available, these other methods include; resource consent applications, consent monitoring information, personal communication and lastly ground truthing.

The representative image below illustrates the spatial definition and accuracy of each vineyard block or area as captured by this survey, the survey attempts to remove unnecessary features from the coverage like headlands, waterbodies, buildings and structures, ensuring we only capture the actual planted area.

Representative image of vineyard data*

Planting record

The following table breaks down the recent history of vineyard plantings across the region; the table is further subdivided into sub regions for management reasons, where available an indication of land that maybe in the process of transferring from another land use to potential vineyard is provided - we call this 'survey'*.

Year Wairau Plain (East of narrows) West of narrows Awatere Grassmere, Flaxbourne, Kekerengu Regional total Area in survey*
2000 1,850 1,850 No record
2002 5,666 683 6,350 No record
2003 9,632 2,467 12,099 No record
2004 12,000 2,960 14,960 No record
2005 12,510 4,170 16,680 No record
2006 13,704 4,154 42 17,859 600
2007 14,800 868 5,264 102 21,035 876
2008 15,828 1,104 6,487 183 23,603 690
2009 15,851 1,086 6,667 183 23,789 391
2010 15,900 1,228 6,762 199 24,090 291
2011 15,900 1,178 6,698 183 23,964 232
2013 15,834 1,113 6,632 180 23,761 No record
2014 16,634 1,200 6,632 180 24,646 No record
2018 17,682 2,342 7,237 229 27,501 No record
2020 18,278 2,537 7,689 290 28,846 No record
2021 Planning underway for 2021

Trend over time

Regional vineyard plantings 2000 - 2020

Vineyard as a specific land uses is a subject of continual change, Council endeavours to refine the data periodically to ensure accuracy and quality of the information collected, with programmed updates completed as various work streams allow.

The information is intended for use at a regional level not for individual property usage. No liability is accepted by Marlborough District Council for the accuracy of the information, or for any purpose this information is used for. It should be noted that data may well be different to that published by New Zealand Winegrowers.