Wairau Plains Landscape


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Wairau Plains Landscape

Wairau Plains from above.

Landscape Controls and Guidelines in Marlborough

Currently there are few controls on private land related to landscape issues in Marlborough. Landscape guidelines for the Wairau Plain area were developed in 2002 in response to community concern about the rapid rate of change to the landscape through land use change from mixed cropping, grazing and horticulture, to viticulture. Many older trees and shelter belts were removed and a virtual monoculture of grapevines was established. These guidelines set out a vision for the landscape of the Wairau Plain area and provide landscape design and planting advice. They include an analysis document and practical planting guidelines. Adoption of the guidelines is entirely voluntary.

The Marlborough Landscape Working Group

This Council-appointed group was established in 2003 to help Council promote the Wairau Plain Landscape Concept Guidelines and to address wider landscape issues in the Marlborough region. The working group consists of members of the community and Council staff and looks at promoting positive landscape initiatives on both private and public land. The group meets approximately six times a year.

The group is involved in working with Council on current policy development regarding landscape issues.

For more information about landscape issues contact Matt Oliver: matt.oliver@marlborough.govt.nz