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August Weather Event 2022

Information relating to the recent weather event in Marlborough

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Soil Maps

The Marlborough District Council has detailed soil reports available online, from Landcare Research, for the major soil types in the Lower Awatere Valley and Wairau Plain.

The soil report describes the typical average properties of the specified soil. It is a summary of information obtained from profiles generated during soil surveys.

Finding a Soil Report

To find a soil report you need the soil code (or part of) for the specific area in the lower Awatere Valley and Wairau Plains.

See a map of soil types in Marlborough

If you do not know your soil code you can contact Council to find out.

The database is designed to assist in making land management decisions. However as the information only describes the typical average properties to a specified soil depth of 1 metre, it should not be the primary source of data when making land use decisions on individual farms and paddocks.

Landcare Research Soil