Rivers and Wetlands


August Weather Event 2022

Information relating to the recent weather event in Marlborough

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Rivers and Wetlands

As well as maintaining a network to monitor and predict floods, Marlborough District Council hydrologists monitor rainfall, river flows and groundwater levels, analyse data and provide information and advice to groups both inside and outside Council.

Council maintains a network of river sites using electronic technology. Data from most sites is transmitted direct to Council's Blenheim office.

The collection of data and subsequent analysis allows information to be used for other projects such as the determination of low flows in rivers for resource consents, water allocation, in-stream habitat surveys and groundwater recharge investigations.

Natural character of rivers

The Council has released a report containing an assessment of the natural character of selected Marlborough rivers. The study was undertaken as an independent assessment by Boffa Miskell Ltd with the assistance of an expert panel of people familiar with Marlborough rivers. The study was also undertaken as part of a wider project co funded by the Foundation for Research and Technology to develop methodology to assess the significance of river values.

The various attributes that contribute to the natural character of the river channel, riparian margin and wider landscape character have been scored against specified thresholds in order to determine the overall level of natural character. The natural character of each river is then identified and mapped.

The report provides useful information to resource consent applicants and the community about the nature of the natural character of Marlborough’s main rivers.

The Natural Character of Selected Marlborough Rivers and Their Margins

Further Information

  • Ecology

    The Marlborough District has over 12,000 kilometres of freshwater streams and rivers ranging from large rivers to small forest streams.

  • Flows and Levels

    Current river level data is available online, maps showing the river flow monitoring sites are linked to data sourced from the various sites.

  • Historical Observations

    Historical observations of Marlborough's climate.

  • River Water Quality

    Water is essential to life, without adequate fresh supplies, human and other forms of life would be seriously compromised.

  • State of the Environment Reporting

    State of the environment reporting provides a snapshot of how well we are doing as a region.

  • Wetlands

    A wetland is an area of land which is covered in, or wetted by, water for most (but not necessarily all) of the time.