Early win projects


Roads around Marlborough continue to be affected by slips and closures

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Early win projects

The Project Partners have identified 'early win' project opportunities to utilise the infrastructure fund and soften the economic impact from COVID-19 in the short-term. These ‘early win' projects align with the investment outcomes and include, but are not limited to:

  • Weed control programme
  • Upgrade existing water quality monitoring programme for baseline monitoring
  • Catchment condition assessments and surveys.
  • Immediate action on solving problems identified in catchment condition surveys; (fencing, critical source areas, problem weeds etc.)
  • Stock number surveys
  • Winter grazing monitoring
  • Appointment of liaison staff to work with farmers
  • Regenerative agricultural training and training in soils, nutrient management, farm planning and biodiversity for farmers and land owners
  • Development of spatial tools
  • Fencing wetlands and riparian areas
  • Soil moisture probes on farms
  • Fertiliser and irrigation management plans on farms
  • Native nursery establishment
  • Riparian plantings
  • Extension of the Long-Tailed Bat monitoring programme
  • Marlborough Sounds Coastal Marine Spatial tools and interpretation.