People and communities


COVID-19 Orange level information

Marlborough is at the Orange level of the COVID-19 Protection Framework (the traffic light system). See information relating to Council services under this alert level.

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People and communities

The area has a long human history for both Māori and Pakeha and the places within Te Hoiere and Kaituna Valleys have meaning and value to the people who reside there.

Te Hoiere/Pelorus Bridge Scenic Reserve is a popular day stop, camping, swimming and kayaking site. The upper Wakamarina is also popular for swimming during the summer months.

Historically, E. coli numbers have exceeded guideline levels during flood flows as well as lower flows in the Rai and Ronga sub-catchments. In recent times, E.coli concentrations have improved due to land management practices. However, elevated bacteria, sediment and nutrient loads adversely impact recreational, cultural, community and ecological values.

The town of Havelock is located on the shore of the Motuweka/Havelock Estuary and services large aquaculture and tourist industries. Currently, stormwater, treated sewage and industrial wastewaters all discharge from the town into the estuary.

Improving water quality, addressing known and unknown sources of contaminants, enhancing and protecting biodiversity, habitats and species, and encouraging responsible use of the environment would improve the peoples, communities and future generations enjoyment of the river and estuary.