About Water Take and Use - Why Measure This?


Marlborough is at Orange

Marlborough is at Orange level of the Covid-19 Protection Framework (the traffic light system).

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About Water Take and Use - Why Measure This?

The increasing demand for water by agriculture, industry, urban users, and recreation makes proper management and conservation of our water supplies increasingly important. Proper management of water use requires an understanding of how much water systems use.

Water meters, when properly installed and maintained, are the most accurate and easiest method for measuring water flow.

Measuring your water use can help you to:

  • Improve irrigation water use efficiency by accurately measuring how much water is applied
  • Determine pumping efficiency to allow water to be supplied as inexpensively as possible
  • Detect potential well, pump or irrigation system problems
  • Identify if you are complying with your consent conditions.

The Marlborough District Council uses the water take and use data to:

  • Keep track of and make efficient use of water allocation
  • Monitor compliance with consent conditions
  • Understand water resources and eco systems responses to pumping
  • Plan for future economic growth of communities in a sustainable way.