Entering Readings Manually Online


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Entering Readings Manually Online

How to enter your Water Meter Readings into the MDC Water Meter Webpage

Recording and Reporting of Water Take and Water Use

All water permits in Marlborough have conditions around the recording and reporting of water take and/or water use.

Conditions range between keeping a record and submitting meter readings when requested, through to data telemetered direct to Council on an hourly basis.

MDC have developed a dedicated Water Meter Webpage that will make the reporting and viewing of water meter readings easy.

Once registered, individual meter readings can be entered, logger files can be uploaded, graphs viewed and data downloaded for further analysis.

The webpage can not be used to enter meter readings for SVIS, Municipal or other Council administered water schemes.

User Registration

Water permit holders are required to register, creating individual user-names and passwords which will allow them access to their permit information.

The Water Meter webpage also allows managers and administrators to register with read-only access to a number of water meters or permits.

Logging on

Once registered you will receive a confirmation email at your nominated address. This email will confirm your login and password details.

Once logged in a summary screen showing all your nominated water permits and associated water meters will be displayed.

You can tab between meters and graphs for individual permits, and/or tab between permits if available.

Entering a reading

To enter a reading, click on the appropriate meter, select a date and time using the date pickers, and enter the reading in the box. Do not submit data until it has been checked.

Once the data has been submitted it cannot be changed. "Saving to Drafts" allows you to complete the job at a later date.

If you have installed a new meter or the meter has gone "around the clock" back to zero you need to notify Council as the reading will be rejected as it will be less than the previous reading.

If you make a mistake and need to change the reading email water@marlborough.govt.nz stating the permit number, water meter number and the changes required.

Feel free to use the comments field provided.

Uploading a logger file

To upload a logger file, select the appropriate meter and click on the "Upload File button" in the bottom right of the window. Browse to where the file is stored on your system, select the file and complete the upload.

If you make a mistake and need to change the file email water@marlborough.govt.nz stating the permit number, water meter number and the changes required.

Feel free to use the comments field provided.

Data files need be provided to Council in XML (eXtensible Markup Language) or CSV (Comma Separated Value). XML is the preferred format. Data provided in CSV format may incur additional programming and processing costs under section 36 of the Resource Management Act 1991.

Marlborough District Council supports the "Blue Tick" programme run by Irrigation New Zealand. Using service providers who are "Blue Tick Accredited" will help ensure all aspects of your water metering; installation, data acquisition and meter verification is taken care of.

Telemetered meter returns to Council

The Water Meter Webpage system allows you to view meter readings that have been telemetered directly to Council. Once logged in you can view and download data but you cannot amend or edit any data. The meter tab will be "greyed out" with a "Nothing to display" message. All other functionality such as graphs and permit conditions are still available.

For more information contact:

Duty Water Monitoring Officer
Marlborough District Council
Ph: 03 520 7400
Email: water@marlborough.govt.nz