Installation, Verification and Data Hosts for Water Meters


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Installation, Verification and Data Hosts for Water Meters

Irrigation New Zealand Blue Tick Accreditation Programme

In partnership with councils, industry and the Ministry for the Environment, Irrigation New Zealand has developed The Water Measurement and Reporting Industry Accreditation Programme (Blue Tick Programme) to give permit holders greater certainty that service providers will deliver services that meet industry best practice, comply with the regulations and meet permit conditions.

More information on the Industry Accreditation programme and Approved Local Service Providers:

Irrigation New Zealand website

or by contacting Council.

Accreditation for Water Meter Installation and Verification

The Irrigation New Zealand Water Measurement and Reporting Industry Accreditation Programme ensures that its accredited service providers can deliver services that comply with the new regulations.

You will need to use one of these accredited service providers when you have work done on your meter. The benefit of this is that you will have the assurance of knowing that the work done will comply with the new regulations.

More information on the programme:

The Water Measurement section on Irrigation New Zealand’s website

Service providers will be accredited in four areas. Nationwide lists of accredited providers for each area of service can also be found on the Irrigation New Zealand website.

Go to the Irrigation New Zealand website

More information

The Ministry for the Environment (MfE) has published a Measuring and Reporting Water Takes brochure that provides a quick introduction to the regulations.

Go to the Ministry for the Environment website

If you need more information or want to discuss how these requirements will apply to you, please contact us on Ph: 03 520 7400.

Verification of water meter accuracy

Marlborough District Council requires all meter verifications to be undertaken by an approved Blue Tick provider.

Verification is the process of proving the accuracy of the installed meter. A brand new high quality meter still needs to have a verification test performed because a good meter can be installed badly or be programmed incorrectly.

The most common method of testing undertaken in Marlborough is using a purpose built test rig. A test rig generally consists of a very accurate meter and associated pipe work that has been certified in an Auckland test lab.

The process for testing in simple terms requires all water that is pumped to pass through the meter being tested and the rig meter. The results are compared and a pass/fail certificate is issued.

Other verification methods are available to be used but these other methods need approval from Council on an as-needed basis. Your preferred service provider will contact Council if an alternative method of testing is required.

After verification is completed a verification certificate must be returned to Council. If the meter is a new meter or a logger and/or telemetry have been installed, an installation form will be needed for these. Forms are sent to Council by the company performing the verification or installations, a copy should also be provided to the permit holder.

There are currently five organisations performing verifications in Marlborough:

Cuddon Engineering
Southern Water Engineering

If you wish to use a different service provider than those listed above, please contact Council to discuss the other available options.

Installers and Data Hosts

It is not mandatory to engage a Blue Tick contractor to install your meter or host your data. If you choose to do your own meter installation or logger and telemetry installation you will be required to have your installation/s inspected by Council staff. This inspection is at the permit holder's expense.

An installation certificate is required to be filled in and returned to Council. If a Blue Tick approved installer is used, there is no need for Council staff to inspect the installation, and the installer will do the required paperwork.

Please contact Council before any water is taken to ensure your Blue Tick installer has provided suitable documentation to Marlborough District Council that declares the meter and/or data logger and telemetry (where required) are installed and verified in accordance with industry best practice, government water metering regulations and/or council permit conditions.

Council still holds the right to inspect all installations as part of ongoing auditing and compliance processes.

Your meter may also be randomly chosen for audit processes by Irrigation New Zealand, but these costs are not passed onto you.